Learning takes place in a Catholic environment that nurtures respect, responsibility, independence and dignity.

The opportunity to learn is open to all members of our school community within an environment that encourages and values learning as ongoing and lifelong.

Each learner is encouraged to take risks, to be flexible, adaptable, and open to change, able to deal with uncertainties and develop responsibility for their own learning.

Provision is made for opportunities for effective learning to take place where children develop spiritually, academically, emotionally, behaviourally and physically.

Learners are actively involved in the learning process through exploration, discovery, debating, questioning, designing and practice. Reflection time is an integral part of the learning process.

A range of strategies are used to allow learning to be collaborative, relevant and developmental.

Opportunity is made for learners to practise and experiment with learning styles and learning tools.

Skills are developed to allow learners to work independently, interdependently, and interactively.