St. James offers an extensive Curriculum which is based on the Victorian Curriculum, in conjunction with the initial roll out of the Australian National Curriculum.

The Victorian Curriculum outlines the knowledge, skills and behaviours students need for their full development as individuals, for healthy relationships with others, and for their ability to understand and act effectively in the world. They clearly describe what young people should know and be able to do at different stages. The CECV has endorsed the Victorian Curriculum for Victorian Catholic schools.

Of course, like in other Catholic schools, here at St James the learning is complemented by a strong Religious Education curriculum, called ‘To Live In Christ Jesus’.


St James uses SIMON/PAM program for the reporting on the government mandated progression of learning. These reports have been designed to report each child’s progress against the Standards in a clear, plain English format common to all schools. Through these reports we provide clear written information that will tell parents what students know and can do. It will also identify those areas in which students need to be further assisted or extended.

Semester Reports are forwarded to parents in June and December each year.

Parent Teacher interviews are held each Semester.

PSG (Program Support Group) Meetings are held each Term for students with Individual Learning Plans.