Welcome To St James Primary School Nar Nar Goon

I warmly welcome you to St James Catholic Primary School. We are fortunate to be surrounded by magnificent farmland within a quiet semi rural setting. The values of the gospel are reflected in our words, actions and relationships within the school and the broader community. We are committed to child safety and the development of student voice is an important factor in Child Safety. As a Catholic school, we hold the dignity of the human person as central to all we do, we take pride in the fact that each persons' faith is valued and every member of our community is known and respected.
Partnering with parents is paramount at St James. We believe that it takes a village to raise a child and we work to support families in their child's education. As parents, we recognise you as the first and foremost teachers of your children, you know them best and we do not take for granted the incredible trust you place in your school staff. Therefore, we encourage parents and teachers to work together.

Our staff engage students in meaningful, relevant, challenging and varied learning experiences and are driven in their efforts to provide rich learning opportunities that cater for our students’ learning needs. We encourage students to collaborate, actively listen, engage, inquire, question and create, and to live through their words and actions. We aspire to build a community of learners who actively contribute to the society in which they live and play; now and in the future.
Our school values of being RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTFUL and SAFE are solid foundations for our learning culture and how we interact with each other- students and staff and parents.

Our community is well connected to each other and our families are welcoming and work with the school to support strategic future directions. Thanks to our parent group we have been able to make three significant additions to our playground, ensuring various zones cater for the diverse interests of our children.

I invite you to come and tour our school and experience first hand the contemporary learning spaces, the specialist classes we have to offer and spacious library, art and STEM spaces, as well as our indoor sporting facility.

Bec Kollaris, Principal

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