Looking to enrol at St James Primary School?

St James is a Catholic Primary School in the Parish of Iona/Maryknoll/Nar Nar Goon, which is a faith community based on a belief in God and a Christian way of life. As members of this community, we welcome those of our own and other traditions. Priority for enrolment must be baptised Catholic children residing within the parish boundaries. Enrolment of a child is dependent upon the capacity of the school to adequately provide for the educational need of the child. If additional places are available, in consultation with the DOSCEL (Diocese of Sale Catholic Education Ltd), the following priorities apply:

  • Baptised Catholic children from outside the school boundary, for pastoral reasons.
  • Orthodox children living within the Parish boundaries.
  • Christian children of other denominations whose parents demonstrate a positive commitment to the Catholic ethos.

All children must turn 5 years of age prior to the 30th day of April in the year in which the child commences school.

In making an application to enrol a child, parents are showing that they are prepared to commit themselves to working in cooperation with school personnel for the benefit of their child. An offer of placement is conditional upon acceptance by parents of school policies and guidelines, including the School Fees Policy, which govern school practices.

It is important to note, that no student will be refused enrolment or be disadvantaged because of an inability on the part of parents or carers to meet financial requirements.

Steps to Enrolment

Step 1 – Obtain an enrolment form

  • Contact the school to obtain an Application for Enrolment form

Step 2 – Making an Application for Enrolment:

  • Submit an Application for Enrolment Form and other forms as required, i.e.; Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate (if applicable) and Immunisation History Statement for each child.
  • For Year 1-6 enrolments, include a copy of the most recent school report.

Step 3 – The School responds:

  • The school will acknowledge receipt of your application and advise of anything else required to assist in processing the application.

Step 4 – An Interview is arranged:

  • All enrolments to St James School must have an enrolment interview with the Principal or delegate.  An Application for Enrolment form must be completed by the parents or the legal guardians and all other forms as required to be submitted prior to the Interview.

Step 5 – Accepting a place:

  • If your application is successful, the principal will make you a written offer of enrolment.
  • You complete your acceptance of the offer by completing an Acceptance of Placement from.

Step 6 – Transition:

For students entering Foundation the next year, an interview with the parent / legal guardian and the child will be held later in the year for the purpose of a smooth transition between Kindergarten and St James.  Early in the year a ‘Kindergarten Walk’ provides initial contact between our school and local kindergarten. In November/ December, the children come to St James for four sessions.

Uniforms will be on display and can be purchased from Beleza in Pakenham.  Continue to our Uniform Page

Enrolment of Children from other Christian Denominations

St James exists and operates primarily to service the needs of Catholic families residing in the Parish of Iona/Maryknoll/Nar Nar Goon area.

However, St James welcomes all children from the local area and places are available to children from other denominations whose parents desire for them a Christian formation. A commitment to support the ethos of the school and Religious content of the program taught, need to be given.

Following all applications, an interview with the principal will take place in September / October.