Whole School Easter Journey

It was a pleasure to have the children participate with families. First we gathered and talked about how difficult it is for some people in other parts of the world who don't have simple things like running water in their homes. We started with our CARITAS WALK with a bucket 3/4 filled with water, and in small groups managed to 'take care' of the water for 20 minutes, swapping with each other to carry the water. This was to enable us all to walk in someone else's shoes and 'feel' what it might be like for others not as fortunate as us.

Next we entered a dimly lit room set up for the PASSOVER. The children and their families learned about the origin of the Passover and the Jewish tradition and how our Mass today is a replica of some of the actions of what we now call the Last Supper. The children watched as break was torn apart and shared and cordial distributed like the Passover meal. This was to help children make links to our Christian tradition and Mass.

Mr McDermott then washed Miss Daniel and Tarrant Millars feet as a representation of how Jesus called us to serve others. Leaders included. Tarrant said this was "the best thing of the whole day having Mr Mac wash his feet". The children were challenged to think about ways they can serve in today's climate too.

Then everyone headed for the hall to the sound of mystical bells leading us by the grade 3/4 students. On entering the hall we were all presented with the re enactment of the Stations of the Cross. The grade 5/6 students presented this with a lot of respect and reverence and it was a pleasure to observe the whole school. Fr Hilarion called in too to watch Stations of the Cross and was very pleased to see the children and families enjoying so a beautiful prayer.

Afterwards the raffle was drawn and many excited people had the pleasure of receiving their prizes. Then to finish off the whole school enjoyed delicious hot cross buns. A very fitting end to our Easter Journey


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