St James wins at Pakenham School Art Show for 2014

At St James we looked at ways of producing paintings. In art classes the entire school made paintings that were of planets and stars. We used various techniques to create the pictures such as flicking paint with tooth brushes and blending colours.

Pakenham Show 2014We used stencils to make circles and templates to cover the planets. We used thinned paint in spray bottles instead of spray cans. From the students ideas we designed the whole school art work.  Students from prep to grade 6 come in at lunch times to work on the group entry. The work represents an exploded space ship and looking into space and seeing St James Nar Nar Goon!

It was great fun to work together on our entry. Every students name is represented in the gas cloud around the planet. Pakenham Show Art

Thanks to the Reid family who donated the wonderful silver materials for the space ship and all our families that gave us materials for the Art work that we didnt use but will find a use for in the art room We enjoyed making the entry for the Pakenham show and really love that 2500 people got to view our work.