St James Feast Day

Students were unanimous in their excitement when the morning began with an incursion of an African Musical group called WALA (means life). These talented musicians and singers entertained the students from prep to 6 in an hour long performance using many indigenous instruments from their country. A highlight of the performance was the magical tones and melodies of their voices combined with a variety of African drums and percussion instruments. Students were selected to come up the front to learn how to use their instruments and also some African dancing moves. Teachers were also involved in moving their bodies to the beat of the music in front of the school!!!!

After the performance, students celebrated by having morning tea altogether.  As always, the generosity of the St James families was on display by the amount of delicious goodies provided for the whole school to enjoy. Lunch had also been provided by the Parents and Friends with a hot dog and more generous sweets and treats.

The afternoon was completed with a Liturgy a little different to what the school is used to. The liturgy consisted of movement and prayer around the school to 3 different areas. This was to signify The Way of St James, a significant pilgrimage followed in Spain where pilgrims walk many hundreds of kilometres praying and meeting other pilgrims to the end destination of the St James Cathedral. The liturgy was beautiful at school with a private moment to celebrate and remember the life of Father John. A tree was planted in his memory and children laid a stone and special prayer at the site. It is envisaged this site will become a respectful prayer area for the whole school.


Students prepared for the liturgy by making special Pilgrim shells to wear at the liturgy as well as learning about the significance of the pilgrimage. Many parents joined students and teachers in the liturgy that ended in the church.

St James Feast day was a special day and celebrated well by the whole school community. Many thanks to all concerned for making this a memorable day.