St James Feast Day

St James 40th Anniversary Feast Day was an excellent day for sharing and bringing together a community. We started the day with our Liturgy at 9.30 with special intentions to officially launch our new School Prayer. The liturgy was celebrated with a special symbol of every person in the church scooping a shell of water into one communal bowl. Water-the source of life, used for cleansing and life. Just like every person within our school, all needed to help with survival and life of the school.  Win Dortmans paid a special tribute to the 40th Anniversary of the school with some very special memories of her time as a principal, parent and grandparent.

The community all enjoyed a special morning tea in the school hall, to mix and mingle and celebrate with food-especially provided by all the generous families at St James.

During the day, the students were invited to participate in creating a coloured portrait for the new St James Prayer. They took this on very seriously and each student should be very proud of their efforts. For lunch, the Parents and Friends provided hot dogs for the children to enjoy.

After lunch, the students were treated to the sounds of South America with the Inka Marka Group. There were pipes of many descriptions, shakers made from alpaca hooves, a drum, and a guitarist. The students loved watching the array of instruments being played and asked many questions. The rhythm was paced so that the children could clap along and the music was excellent. What a wonderful way to complete such a momentous occasion.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this a terrific St James Feast Day.









inka group








inka group