St James Celebrating Together

Our Catholic Identity has been in full view this term, as Easter is the ultimate in our Faith belief. The school welcomed into the community two students with a whole school Mass and Baptism where many families joined in the celebration of this Sacrament. It was lovely to have parents, grandparents and Godparents joining in after Mass with a shared morning tea and cutting of the Baptism cakes.
Another successful morning was held with the Easter Journey on Thursday the 24th March. Students and parents gathered in 12 groups where each group was responsible for carrying a bucket of water for 20 minutes. This activity was to represent the many people around the world who do not have the simple things in life such as running water at their fingertips. Each group took their time, helped to carry the bucket of water and learned  something about each other through conversation. 

Easter JourneyThe whole group then entered into the classroom where the 'washing of feet' took place with Year 6 leaders washing the feet of their parents and the message we are called to 'serve'. The symbol of the Passover was explained and celebrated where the sharing of flat bread and cordial was served to remind us all of the Sacrament of Eucharist.

The students and their families then proceeded to the Church on site, where the Senior students re enacted their interpretation of the Stations of the Cross. This was a very moving experience as the students were very powerful in their depiction of the events of Good Friday.
The stations were finished with beautiful singing of the hymn 'At the Cross'. Stations of the Cross