SRC Students travel to Sale for Bishop Ordination!

On the 26th, Mr Mac and the SRC (Natise, Ryan M, Ryan V and Charlotte) were honoured to be able to attend the new Bishop's anointment. We were very lucky in our seat placement as only two schools out of the thirty-six schools in the diocese got front seats and the representatives of St James got to be at the front.  The ordaining took place in a stadium about ten minutes away from the cathedral. The new bishop himself, Patrick O'Reagan, chose the stadium knowing that the cathedral would have never have held the amount of people that it did. Looking around on the day, you could clearly see he was right.  It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. There was around a hundred priests and bishops and I was shocked that there were that many in our local area. The drive and the return journey to and back from Sale was about two hours each. The ordaining itself took about two hours.

By Ryan V

On Thursday the 26th of February it was an amazing day for Charlotte, Ryan.V, Ryan.M and I who are the SRC representatives. We went in the car with Mr Mac to Bishop Patrick's Ordination in Sale. It wasn't at the Cathedral but it was at the stadium not far from the Cathedral. Bishop Patrick wanted it at the stadium because he wanted everyone to be under one roof and that wouldn't have happened at the Cathedral. When we got there we parked next to Mrs Hassel and we said hello to her. Then we went into the stadium put up our banner with all the other schools in the diocese of Sale. We had front row seats reserved for us and there were only two schools that were in the front row and we were one of them. The best part of the day was for me to see how happy Bishop Pat was when they said you are now the Bishop of Sale.

By Natise

On the 26/2/15 the SRC students went to Sale for the day to meet Bishop Patrick. It was very interesting watching the old Bishop hand over his throne to Bishop Patrick. It was just like a normal mass. It was amazing I have never seen so many priests in my life. While the priests were walking in I saw Deakin Tony, Father Hilarion, Sister Patricia and Father Peter Slater. During the mass there was a choir, they were really good singers we were blown away. We were really lucky we got front row seats and Bishop Patrick came and talked to us that was really cool. On the way home we stopped at Mc Donald's to have lunch yum yum this was definitely the coolest thing ever!

By Charlotte Reid