Say NO to Bullying Day

On Monday the 27th of May, the Year 5’s from St James went to Say NO to BULLYING Day at the Longwarry Public Hall. There was a lot of Year 5’s from schools across the area. We learnt lots of different things. We learnt how to calm our minds through Yoga, mindfulness and meditation. We discovered that we aren’t quite as flexible as we thought, as some of the Yoga moves hurt! We learnt Zumba dancing to help keep ourselves fit and healthy. Everyone from our school was trying to join in with the dancing at Zumba. It’s hard to say if we were any good at the dancing but we stood out with our efforts and smiles. We learnt about Cyber-bullying and bullying in general. We know we can’t stop bullying completely but we can at least make an effort. We are the people that can be part of the situation or part of the solution. We are going to be part of the solution.


We would like to thank the members of Garfield-Bunyip Rotary Club for their organisation of the day and for providing the delicious lunch of sausages for us all. We would also like to thank the presenters from Project Rockit as well as members of Victoria Police who attended on the day. While the weather was atrocious, these people made the day fabulous. Well done to all the St James students whose behaviour on the day was wonderful. You were a credit to our school.


By Tate P, Tayla B, Jack L and Mr B.

Say NO to Bullying