School Lunches

Monday Lunches

Each Monday lunches can be ordered from the School Canteen. They are ordered online through CDF Pay (see instructions below).

Click here for Parent Information on CDF Pay

Cut off for ordering is 8.50am sharp on canteen days.

Double check the details of your order before proceeding to pay, particularly the date and quantities ordered.

If your child is absent and your order has already been submitted please follow these instructions to assist with changing or cancelling an order:

Choose Parent Login from the main screen
Click on the icon in the top left hand corner of the screen
Select – $ See/Manage Paid Orders
Select the child’s name who’s order you wish to edit
Select the date you wish to amend
Select cancel order
Select OK on the Confirm Screen
The refund amount of the cancelled order will be credited into the parent’s CDF Pay Account.

If you click on the CDF Pay Account line you can actually transfer the credit directly to your child’s account for future orders.

The Monday Lunches, prepared by a roster of voluntary helpers, not only provide nutritious & tasty lunches for our children, but also provide a vital source of fundraising, which finances many school resources for all students to enjoy.

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Nar Nar Goon Take Away Orders

Lunch Orders are also available from the Nar Nar Goon Take Away Shop on Wednesday and Friday.

Nar Nar Goon Take Away Shop,  provide a personalised lunch service, collecting, preparing and delivering orders to the school.

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