Our Vision

We envisage St James School to be a place where:

  • The love of God is experienced through everyday actions
  • Ensuring high quality outcomes for all students
  • Everyone feels welcome, respected, accepted and nurtured
  • Students’ learning potential will be challenged in a stimulating environment
  • Students’ social, emotional, moral, spiritual and physical wellbeing is pivotal to student health, safety, learning and success

We are committed to our faith community, fostering an environment where ALL students and teachers reach their potential

  • engaging in continuous dialogue with each other, with students and the wider community
  • planning an evolving curriculum which has entitlement for all and promotes high expectations for every student
  • strong leadership which empowers every teacher to lead in teaching and learning
  • rich teaching through purposeful, creative and targeted approaches
  • using high quality data to personalise learning
St James Instructional Vision Design Principles