Our Prayer & Song

St James Prayer

Lord our Guiding Light,

Let us follow in the footsteps of St James with shell in hand
May the Spirit guide us to show love, peace and forgiveness
Come follow me

Help us to strive to do our best in all the learning we do
We pray for wisdom with God’s creation to care for all living things
Come follow me

Help us to be a friend, like St James was to Jesus
Bless our families, friends and community
Guide our community to nurture and grow in faith
Come follow me


Come Follow Me (School Song)

Come follow me at St James, Nar Nar Goon

We are disciples of the Lord

We come to learn, to share, to care

We welcome all to our great school

We are thankful for the founders of this great school

They thought ahead and used their tools

They believed in God and enriched our lives

Was built and blest in 1975

We pray for gifts of the Holy Spirit

We think of others and try to live it

We strive to learn and do our best

Then we let God do the rest

St James is here for future generations

We’re strong in faith and proud of our nation

Our values clear so come and see

Our community, Come Follow Me