About our School

The small nature of our school ensures maximum attention for students in the classroom and a sound relationship with the classroom teacher and non-teaching staff. First rate, engaging teaching programs and a talented teaching staff combine to ensure students achieve to their very best. Every teacher at St James knows, teaches and cares for every student.

Literacy and Numeracy skills are a high priority. Tailored support programs are available if and when required. This can include speech, literacy or maths intervention including a focus on the gifted and talented to recognise children’s many diverse talents.

Schooling plays a significant role in preparing young people to engage effectively in an increasingly complex world, a world characterised by advances in information and communication technologies. We have up to date technology allowing our children to participate effectively in a changing world. We personalise the learning to ensure each child at St James reaches their full potential.

Flexible class groupings take into account individual learning styles and provide ‘hands on’ learning opportunities. We recognise that girls and boys have different strengths and challenges associated with their learning. Sporting and leadership opportunities and special programs abound. We pride ourselves on providing a sustainable environment where children learn to love and care for their school community.

St James belongs to the Sale Diocese, which is governed by Diocese of Sale Catholic Education Ltd.