Mobile Library Visit

We went to the mobile library because as you know we don’t exactly have a library at the moment. We all had the responsibility of taking care of our own library card. We left after recess and came back before lunch. So it did take us a while to borrow some good and exciting books. They had an amazing range of books to choose from they even had some of the PRC (Premier’s Reading Challenge) books.

Mobile Library The mobile library is a big truck that opens out into a library. They had sections of books including, junior fiction, senior fiction, senior novels, junior novels and history books. Our class walks down to the mobile library every four weeks to borrow and return their books. Library Group

The librarians were extremely helpful and even a bit playful! As we were walking back to school, the mobile library drove past us and honked their horn! Everyone jumped including Mr Vermeer. Overall is was a great experience going to the library                                                                               and we are looking forward to going back.

                                                                          Hannah and Bridget