Mission Day – Sock it to Poverty

On Tuesday we celebrated Mission Day. Mission Day is a month long campaign by the Catholic Church where they focus on one poor country per year. This year the focus is on Ghana. Students learnt about how people live in Ghana and the similarities and differences between our lives and theirs. Students wore crazy socks and brought a gold coin donation to raise money for Catholic Mission. Students raised $163.80, it was a fantastic effort from students and families. Our day began with a prayer service in the Church and were led in the gospel by our Social Justice Crew. The SJC’s organised activities that classes participated in. Students brought in old socks and made a sock-ball to play with. The SJC’s also gave a small presentation to students with information about Ghana. It was a wonderful day and I would like to extend a huge thank you to the Social Justice Crew for their hard work and determination to make it such a successful day.

Julie Kennedy (REL)

The S.J.C crew were able to run Mission Day today (15th of October) I was running my group which was F/5/6. Today’s focus was on Ghana. My group first went to play soccer with a pre made sock ball. We rotated around kicking goals and weaving in between cones with the ball. At the end we had spare time and so we played dodge ball. Then we went into the hall and learnt all about how Ghanaian children and families live. I asked everyone some questions about Ghana. We started early on our sock balls. We made two sock balls. Each section went for 20 minutes. To be able to make the sock balls everyone had to bring in a pair of socks or a top, as well as a gold coin and we had to wear crazy socks overall we managed to make 163 dollars and 80cents.

  • Shae

Today was really interesting. Everyone had to bring a gold coin to donate. We learnt about Ghana in the hall and drew pictures of how we thought it looked. I liked how we got to make a soccer ball like the kids in Ghana did because it was really interesting in the way we had to make it. We had to use socks and T-shirts that the classes had donated. We had to make strips with material and turn them into string to hold the ball together. They also worked like a real soccer ball too! We used the soccer balls on the blue courts and played soccer with them. As a school we ended up raising $163.80! I am really happy that all the money is going towards helping Ghana.

  • Shari

I think the three / fours really understood what I was trying to say when it came to explain about Ghana and what it is like to be in their shoes. I think that the time and effort that I put in the poster and teaching the kids how to make a sock ball and then going out to have some time with the kids and have a bit of an engaging session. There were no questions but I did ask what was their favourite part of the day and most of them said learning about Ghana and making the sock ball and then going out to play and doing a bit of all in tag and then playing a bit of dodgeball. The ingredients that we needed to use were used socks and t-shirts then we needed to make the ball shape and then we tested it.

  • Stella