Mission Day

On Wednesday we celebrated a great day with Catholic Mission focusing on ‘Socking it to poverty’. This is a wonderful day in our school calendar where we start the day with prayer in the form of a Liturgy. Mr Vermeer led the liturgy while the Year 6’s took care to complete all the readings of the day. The school participated well with the singing component and it is always a joy to hear the voices of our community singing well. The congregation watched a short video to explain where the money we raise will go towards helping the people of Myanmar.

For lunch, we all consumed a small amount of rice-students were asked to think and reflect upon what other people around the world experience everyday when trying to eat nutritiously. We have learned that some children and families only have a small amount of rice to sustain them for the day and we felt that at St James we should walk in the footsteps of others to have empathy toward their living standards.

It was great to see students and teachers participate in the wearing of creative socks while standing up to ‘Sock it to Poverty’. A big thank you to Eve for cooking the rice and to our student teachers for helping in the kitchen. Our Year 6 students were a beacon of light on the day standing up for our Catholic Social Teaching.

Many thanks to all families for your support on this day. We raised a total of $262.00 to go to Catholic Mission.