School Interviews Online

School Interviews Online

Here, you can organise interview times with the classroom teacher on such occasions as the ‘Assesment Days’ the ‘Parent Teacher Interview’ and the ‘Family Conference’ interview.

Student Assessment Days

On the first two days of the school year our children are engaged in testing. These tests help teachers to assess the overall learning needed of their class for the forthcoming year.

Parent Teacher Interviews

The ‘Parent Teacher’ interview in Term 1 is the essential conversation for teachers and parents to establish the working partnership at the beginning of the year. See below about going online to organise your time slots.

Family Conference

The ‘Family Conference’ in Term 3 is the conversation built around your child’s progress. Here the purpose is to establish the future directions in your child’s learning. See below about going online to organise your time slots.

School Interviews Online

Click here to organise your child’s interview time online. It’s quick and it’s easy. You will need a ‘School Event Code’ to log in. This will be advertised through the newsletter and news articles on our website when it is time to prepare for these events.

Code for 2020 Family Conferences to be held on Tuesday 18th August and Wednesday 19th August is zahzf