Education in Faith

We envisage St James School to be a place where, the love of God is experienced through everyday actions.  A place where everyone feels welcome, respected, accepted and nurtured.

Religious Education Program


St James, as a Catholic Primary School in the Diocese of Sale, implements the ‘To Live In Christ Jesus’ curriculum for Religious Education. The aims of Religious Education cannot be separated from the overall academic program which seeks to develop truth-seeking skills such as reflection, critical thinking, problem solving, analysis and discernment.

This education is not limited and confined by the boundaries of the school, but is extended through the parish and the wider church community.

Students participate regularly in Class prayer, Liturgical celebrations and Class and Whole School Masses.

Sacramental Program

The rituals of the Sacraments are celebrated in the Parish Communities of St James, Nar Nar Goon and Holy Family and Maryknoll in the company of other children.

Through the Family-centered, Parish-based & School-supported model children are able to recognise Jesus’ presence in their lives and come to know God more closely.

Our education and faith development in the Sacraments is a Prep to Grade Six program. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is received in Year 3, Eucharist is celebrated also in Year 3 and the Sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated in Year 6.