Leadership Mass @ St Mary’s Cathedral Sale

    On Tuesday the 3rd of May, we (Jacob, Trinity and Scarlett) went to the Students' Leadership Mass at St. Mary's Cathedral in Sale. The Mass started at 11:00 am and at the start of the Mass all of the schools came down the aisle with their school banners.

    In the cathedral it was so beautiful how they had so many detailed paintings like the Stations of the Cross. It has 4 big stained glass windows of Saints behind the Sanctuary. Above the Tabernacle there is a huge statue of Mother Mary and Jesus. There is a huge dome that has a lot of patterns on it that are painted in gold. It is a beautiful Cathedral and it is definitely worth the trip.

    After the Mass in the cathedrals foyer we got a photo with Bishop Patrick O' Regan. He said thank you for coming and said to say that he remembers coming to our school. SJC and Bishop

    Also after the Mass St. Mary's Primary school (which is right next to the church) provided a sausage sizzle lunch for all people that attended the Mass. The food was so yummy!

     It was a great day and we enjoyed it. The bus ride was worth it even though how long it took was a pain in the back! (Literally!)


Jacob, Trinity and Scarlett