Josh wins Grade 5 State Title at VicSpell Competition

On Monday 4th of September Josh Ralph, a student from St James Catholic School, competed in the VicSpell state final. VicSpell is a spelling competition for students between years 5 to 8.  It was held at Lowanna College in the auditorium at Newborough, near Moe. There he spelled his way to victory! His winning word was 'attendance'. His prizes were a large dictionary, a certificate and a glass VicSpell trophy.

Josh used the strategy of visualising the word, sounding it out and then spelling it aloud. Josh was excited (and a bit nervous) on the day. Luckily he had his family with him and he is grateful to them, his classmates and teachers for all the support he was given. 

Josh said “Doing the competition was nerve wracking, but doing the interview for television afterwards was even worse!”  Congratulations, Josh.