Graduation Mass 2014

Our farwell from St James

The students reflected on their primary school life during the night with wonderful readings, music and slideshow. Congratulations to them all for their hard work and dedicated learning. We will miss them greatly next year. 

On Wednesday the 3rd of December it was a very special day for the grade 6's as they celebrated their Graduation Mass and passed on the light of leadership to the grade 5's. We are moving on

 There were many highlights to the night. Firstly we started with the candle reflection ceremony in which Emma and Emily led and the rest of the grade 6's took a candle up for either Emma or Emily to light.  jaydenEach of the candles represented a year of the grade 6's as they went through primary life. Another highlight to the night was the passing on ceremony in which the grade 6's past a candle to the grade 5's. This symbolised the light of leadership that they were passing on. jessica

 There was also awards that were given to some of the students. The St Francis award was awarded to Jayden, the academic award, sponsored by the Pakenham Rotary club, was awarded to Jessica, the citizenship award sponsored by the Bunyip-Lachlan and GeorgiaGarfeild Rotary club was awarded to Georgia and Lachlan and the Milk bar award was awarded to Hannah and Ryan.

By Jessica
Class 2014