Gardening Club

Throughout the 2019 school year, students have volunteered their time before school and during breaks to help plant, water and weed our vegetable patches. Throughout the year, students have experienced the opportunity to harvest tomatoes, garlic, strawberries, pumpkins, cucumbers, lettuce and carrots. They are currently tending to crops of carrots, mixed lettuce, corn, zucchini, tomatoes, pumpkins and a variety of herbs, which are already being used in Monday lunches.
While it has been wonderful to have students volunteer their help at times across the year, there have been a core group of students who regularly volunteer. To acknowledge their efforts and celebrate their ability to maintain such healthy crops, this core group of gardeners spent some time in the kitchen to create beautiful carrot cakes using the carrots we have grown and some freshly laid eggs from our chickens. A range of students from across the whole school saw through the process of planting, growing, harvesting and consuming.
With the current crop of vegetables growing well, there is likely to be produce ready to be picked across the holiday break. If there is anyone passing by during the holidays, feel free to pick some mixed lettuce leaves, pick a zucchini when they are ready, snack on a strawberry or two and keep an eye out for some tomatoes.