Gardening Club

At St James Nar Nar Goon, we have been gardening in our vegetable patch. We have been growing a heap of things over the last year. Some of the things we have grown have been strawberries, pumpkins, zucchinis, tomatoes, garlic, lettuce, beetroot and a range of herbs. Some of these have been very successful, although some were not as successful. Pumpkins
Once we had planted the seeds, we watered them and weeded the garden to make sure the weeds didn't take over. As time went by the vegetables grew. Late last year we were able to make a warm vegetable salad, which we shared with the gardening group. We also made a coleslaw and the whole school had the chance to try a coleslaw sandwich!Soup
Just recently we harvested our butternut pumpkins. We made a lovely pumpkin soup. It was very fresh and the butternut pumpkin were really sweet. We didn't even need cream! 
Group 1We look forward to planting our next vegetable crop soon.