Fete 2014 – A Success

Our 2014 Fete was a huge success. The warm, sunny weather was great for the kids to enjoy the rides and outdoor activities and it also forced the punters into drinking a lot more soft drinks and water!

Everyone’s effort raised $8000 for the school, which in my mind is absolutely wonderful. We were a little worried about having enough bods to man stalls, but we got there in the end.

The Poo Lotto was a hit, selling every square by about lunchtime. This gave us time of course, to introduce our Pony to the lotto floor, and do what animals do! Our Devonshire Tea room was the talk of the town due to the hall foyer being transformed into a French provincial room, for our customers to enjoy the finer things in life. The market was a-buzz the entire day, with lots of sidewards glances from the Silent Auction punters. Pepper Pig and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle roamed the grounds to check out the festivities. One very welcome addition to the day’s events was the CFA truck demonstration where the hose was let loose on the children in the heat of the day. There was plenty of ‘body art’ getting around as children had their face painted or sported a stylish tattoo. Teachers were selling off mugs of planted herbs that the students had prepared earlier in the week. The take-home vegie box full of fresh produce was something a lot of people took advantage of, and who wouldn’t? And to eat on the day, there was plenty of variety to keep everyone happy. My personal favourite was the chicken schnitzel burger with sweet chilli mayo!

I would like to acknowledge the Parents and Friends group on the outstanding organisation of this year’s fete. It’s a tradition that had laid dormant in recent times but has come back in full force and we look to the future with a vision of building on this great event. We have new members who have joined the P&F who are bringing even more ideas and enthusiasm to the fete which indicates a strong active group.

The fruits of the P&F fundraising are going to be immediately apparent this week. Our netball court and lower basketball court are both being resurfaced as we speak. These are costly projects, but necessary for the safety of our students. Thanks to the efforts of our parent community, we can afford to address these two areas of need and ensure we have top class sporting facilities. If the weather continues to be good, we’ll have some very schmick courts by the end of this week.