Family Conferences

A reminder to parents that the Family Conferences (previously known as Parent/Teacher interviews) are next week. The online booking form is still open, as we are still expecting many families to make an appointment. The name change, which was put in place last year, is to direct the focus of the meeting to student learning. The teachers have been preparing for this event with the students, so that they take the lead role in the conversation. The St James learning motto is, ‘Building Independent and Responsible learners’. In this regard, the students’ participation is essential in the 3-way conversation. Research has shown that students do better at school when they have ownership and a sense of control when discussing their learning goals. This is obviously achieved if they are present!

Family Conference’s will be held at 3.40pm – 6.00pm on Tuesday 18th August, 2015 and Wednesday 19th August 2015.

School Event code is: LEE2R

You can now book interviews at times that suit YOUR FAMILY BEST. Go to and follow these simple instructions.

Booking close 4.00pm Monday 17th August, 2015.