School Photos


Spargo Photography will be by our School Photographers, on Monday, 17 February 2020.
To ensure that your photos are returned as quickly as possible, please follow these quick and easy guidelines.
· Please write clearly on your child’s envelope (Block letters preferred)
· Please don’t use small change as this can break or fall out of your envelope, if this is not possible, please tape up the sides or put the money in a freezer bag then inside your envelope.
· For online orders, complete an envelope and record the Order Number in the “online Order#” section on the envelope.
· All children must have their own envelope with them when being photographed.
· Do not use one envelope for multiple children.
· Children without an envelope when having their individual photos taken will not have an order placed against their name.
· For Family/Siblings & Friends Portraits please see your school office for an information flyer and red family envelope.
· Do not place a family envelope inside another envelope or an individual envelope.
· Only family/siblings with a completed family envelope will be photographed.
We now provide you with the flexibility of pre-paying your child’s photos online. Simply follow the links below to place your order. Once completed, print out your confirmation invoice and include in your child’s envelope.