Early in the year a ‘Kindergarten Walk’ provides initial contact between the school and local kindergarten. In November/ December, the children come to St James for four sessions. Uniforms will be on display and can be purchased from Beleza in Pakenham.  Continue to our Uniform Page

  • Children must turn five by April 30th of their foundation year.
  • They must have a school entry immunization certificate from the local shire (Cardinia) to be allowed entry into school for the beginning of school.
  •  For Enrolment or Expression of Interest Forms;  contact the SCHOOL OFFICE Ph: 59425404

Enrolment for others grades may be made throughout the year if a place is available. An appointment with the Principal should be made.

Enrolment of Children from other Christian Denominations

St James exists and operates primarily to service the needs of Catholic families residing in the Parish of Iona/Maryknoll/Nar Nar Goon area.

However St James welcomes all children from the local area and places are available to children from other denominations whose parents desire for them a Christian formation. A commitment to support the ethos of the school and Religious content of the program taught, need to be given.

Following all applications, an interview with the principal will take place in September / October.