End of Year Concert and Art Display

The hall looked amazing with work from children inspired by Renoir, Matisse, and Georgie O'Keefe to name a few. Parents were impressed by the artwork and many confirmed they would not be able to produce the quality artwork the children completed. They were led of course by the wonderful instruction of Lis Height, their art teacher.


The families came into the hall and found a spot to enjoy their prepared evening picnic (which had been moved from outside to inside due to inclement weather). After eating their meal together, wandering around the artwork, it was time to find a spot on the floor for the Christmas concert. prep


The children from each of the grades performed 2 songs each, beginning with Prep children performing a simple Nativity play with a song wishing all those present a happy Christmas. The children of year 1 and 2 presented "O Happy day" with a solo by Joel Hill. They also did the old favourite of Jingle Bell Rock. Children in year 3 & 4 did the Christmas Macarena and as they are learning Spanish as their second language, they did their best at the song Feliz Navidad. The year 5 & 6 students did a Christmas Rap and individually danced in their group circle. They also sang Mary's Boy Child. Thanks to Peta Waterhouse and classroom teachers for preparing the children.One/Two


The whole school finished with a Christmas Conga going through the crowds all joined together. The night was wonderful and all the families enjoyed the Arts demonstrated at St James School.

             five /six