Craftpower visit St James

On Friday Sept 6th, we had Anatoli from ‘Craftpower’ come and visit our school. First off Anatoli talked about all the different tools we would be using. He also showed us the same tools but what they looked like when they were first made. Some of the materials used in these old tools were rock, bone and wood. We had to think about what different tools can be used for, like with different types of saws. Some saws cut wood, some cut metal and others cut plastic.

Next, Anatoli asked for a helper and he showed us how to make the first part of our ‘Billy Cart’. He showed us how to hammer and nail in two pieces of wood so that they would join together. We first had to get our goggles to protect our eyes. Then, we went to a work bench with a parent helper or adult to start building our own billy carts. After we completed the first steps, we got to watch a little video that showed us how to make different types of objects.

After that, we completed the next small step, followed by another video and repeated this until our billy cart frame was made. When our billy cart frame was complete, we had to collect some wheels and attach them to the billy cart. We couldn’t attach them too tight, or they would not spin. We also put on the rear wheels with Anatoli’s help and some hot glue. Then we put little silver hubcaps on our wheels to make them look ‘flash’ as Anatoli told us!

We enjoyed working with Anatoli and learning about different tools. It was a fun incursion; we all felt it was exciting and enjoyed making the billy cart.