Cooking Activity

Over the last 6 months, a mix of students, teachers and parents at St James Catholic School have worked together to re-establish our vegetable garden and the results have been very rewarding.
Towards the end of 2016, we were able toharvest cabbage, chives and baby spinach to create a lovely coleslaw, which students from across the school had a chance to try out in a 'Slaw Sandwich. Many seemed rather impressed and were happy to line up for seconds, thirds and even fourths!
After a rather interesting summer we have only recently begun to harvest much of our summer crop.


Cooking ActivityDuring Thursday lunchtime a small group of students were selected because of their hard work in class. They had the opportunity to use some of our crop that was picked fresh from the garden. Together we cleaned up some green beans, diced some zucchini, halved some cherry tomatoes and grated some Parmesan cheese and put together a warm vegetable salad. We made sure the food was presented well, and sat together to eat the meal we had prepared.
Not only was this activity a fantastic reward for those who are working hard in class, but it was a great opportunity to socialise with people we                                                                                 might not normal get to chat to.

With plenty more vegetable still growing, we hope this special reward will be able to continue for a little while longer.