A huge thank you to our wonderful school community. Today we had our Social Justice Crew Leaders, Tayla and William present Peter Kerr from St Vincent’s de Paul, Koo Wee Rup, with all the donations we have collected over the last few weeks. It is incredible how we can all do something small to make a large impact around this time of the year.
We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Cannot wait to see you all back next year.
God Bless
Julie Kennedy
Religious Education Leader

As we are unable to hold our annual Book Fair in person this year, St James will be holding a virtual Book Fair. Bringing the joy of reading and the excitement of the Book Fair into the comfort of your home. Our virtual book fair features a selection of the most popular book fair items including picture books, novels, activity books and more!

Best of all. every purchase will support our school library.

Free Delivery – when ordering online you will need to include a delivery address. Please use the school address – 60 Nar Nar Goon Rd, Nar Nar Goon VIC 3812

Orders will be delivered to the school between 26th and 27th November.

Lamont Virtual Book Fair Link

Thank you to all our teachers for inspiring faith and learning every day. Happy World Teachers’ Day, every one of you, because we are all teachers in some capacity when you work in a school.
The Director of DOSCEL has provided a link to a ‘thank you’ message. View the video message here: https://www.ceosale.catholic.edu.au/world-teachers-day

Staff were extremely enthusiastic to begin this week. Everyone was poised at the gates, ready to greet our students. There was a little trepidation with regard to how enthusiastic the students would be about returning to school but all of that was blown out of the water on Monday morning. I saw lots of excited faces – none that matched the excitement on the faces of the parents! It really did feel like the first day of the year.

While our year has been a little different, Mother Nature continues to do her thing without too much disruption. Before we finished Term 2, our group of dedicated gardeners planted a winter / spring crop of cauliflower, cabbage, sugar snap peas and onions. With a good amount of rain and plenty of sunshine, the veggies are growing and flourishing, getting closer to being picked.

Almost as exciting as a mountain stage of the Tour de France or a replay of a swans premiership, is the flowers on the fruit trees. Hundreds of buds have opened in recent weeks, which leaves us hopeful that we will have our first bumper season of fruit for students to pick straight from the tree. With all going well, I look forward to getting the gardeners back together to sample some of the fruits of their labour.

Mr Balzary