While our year has been a little different, Mother Nature continues to do her thing without too much disruption. Before we finished Term 2, our group of dedicated gardeners planted a winter / spring crop of cauliflower, cabbage, sugar snap peas and onions. With a good amount of rain and plenty of sunshine, the veggies are growing and flourishing, getting closer to being picked.

Almost as exciting as a mountain stage of the Tour de France or a replay of a swans premiership, is the flowers on the fruit trees. Hundreds of buds have opened in recent weeks, which leaves us hopeful that we will have our first bumper season of fruit for students to pick straight from the tree. With all going well, I look forward to getting the gardeners back together to sample some of the fruits of their labour.

Mr Balzary

Every year, the Foundation students acknowledge their first 100 days of learning as a milestone in their learning career. And whilst we are in very different circumstances this year, we are determined to celebrate this special occasion anyway!
To provide a theme, the teachers decided it would be appropriate to link in with the famous Disney movie, 101 Dalmatians. So, at St James, the students are celebrating 101 Days of Learning! Students, whether they are at home or at school are encouraged to wear things that are spotty. They will be jumping on video conferencing to see each other dressed up all in the effort of getting into the spirit of the 101 Days theme.

Today we celebrated St James Feast day a little differently. We normally have a whole school Mass and invite our families to come and celebrate with us. This didn’t happen this time around but we did have some other things up our sleeve. Many thanks to Julie, our Religious Education Leader, for creating an online experience, like an Escape Room. Hopefully the students were able to enjoy this today.
Our school prayer was a focus this morning too, and the students got to unpack the various themes that are embedded in our prayer.
There is a culture of enjoying a special hot chocolate in Spain. In fact, if you look into the history of chocolate, the Spanish had a fair bit to do with making it popular across the rest of the world. To further celebrate St James Feast Day, you might like to try making a Spanish hot chocolate at home. An instructional video is posted, along with a recipe sheet. It’s a little fancier than your average hot chocolate, so beware.
Click link for YouTube Video