Casey Cardinia Library Visit to say Thankyou

On the 27th of February, Emily and Hannah went to the Casey Cardinia Library. While we were there we gave the CEO of the library the schools thank you cards and letters. He really appreciated us presenting him the letters. We got a picture taken with the CEO that has gone on the Casey Cardinia Library Facebook page. So go check that out! We stayed for a talk and he told us that the mobile library was coming to Nar Nar Goon! How exciting! Overall the experience was incredible and we learnt heaps about the library! 

By Emily and Hannah.


The following was posted on Casey Cardinia Libaries Facebook Page

Casey Cardinia Libraries have more than 358,300 books in our collection
We are constantly renewing the books we have on our shelves to make sure the community can access the books they want to read.
This means that we often have excess stock of good books that have not been read as much as we would like. 
We have recently changed our book disposal policy to make sure that the books we no longer need have the opportunity for a second life in the hands of local kids and families.
After all we want people to read more!
It was fabulous to catch up with the kids from St James Nar Nar Goon who have just received a batch of age appropriate books from our Pakenham Library. It is great to know our books are being appreciated by more people in our community.
If you know a local school, kindergarten or Maternal Child Health Service that would benefit from an allocation of good quality second hand books, please let us know.
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