Canberra Camp 2016

Canberra Camp Student Relections

One of the places that we visited during our stay in Canberra was the National Museum. We were lucky to meet the Director of the museum who spoke to our students. On returning to school, the students were asked to write a short note to the director, giving some feedback and suggestions. Here are some of our responses.

I really liked your Indigenous displays. Your stuff is very nice. Your robot was great. How did you gets your hands on Phar Lap's heart? What construction is going on out the front? – RhysAIS

I LOVE the National Museum of Australia. It was one of the best places in the world. I liked it because there were cool objects. The best thing I liked was Phar Lap's heart. I also loved the room that spun around and we were like in a theatre, it was amazing. I also loved it when you walked in. All the people who work there are really nice and ask if you need any help. There is one more thing: you need to improve on getting more good stuff in the museum. – Joel

I love the National Museum of Australia because my group did so many things like K-space. I also enjoyed looking at all the Aboriginal things. Another thing I liked was Phar Lap's heart. My favorite thing was looking at all the Aboriginal things and how they made them with their hands. I also liked the windmill. – Caitlin

Canberra 2016I am very thankful that ine of the stops on our Canberra trip was the National Museum of Australia because it was one of my favorite destinations. I would give you applause, but we are not in Canberra anymore, so you get this instead (cue applause). As soon as I stepped in the door I knew I would have a ball. I saw trains and carriages. As soon as I saw that, I knew this would be my one stop destination. I couldn't beleive how many historic items you had studied, especially the shield you recovered form Botany Bay. You keep the museum alive from minute to minute with update of new discoveries.

The next time I come I wold like to see more modern day items and displays such as the Olympic Games, modern day tecnology and designs for important places. I have seen your child friendly time travelling robot activity for kids, but I think you need more than that. Once again, thank you for showing us your museum. I hope to come here again, but with my whole family. They would love to see you and your museum. Before I go I have a question for you. What was the process of you applying to be the director and how hard is your job? Thank you for this great museum. – Jacob