Bricks for Kids comes to St James

Our Junior Learning Hub at St James has been alive and buzzing with excitement this term as the students learned about science concepts through Lego. We incorporated the help of the Bricks 4 Kidz program and this has been hugely successful where the students had the opportunity to make items using lego while learning about science.  This was a unique program that offered a series of weekly learning where students gained invaluable knowledge about gravity, push/pull, why seatbelts are important and how to work patiently with a partner.Lego 3

One of the most important aspects of the program was that Bricks 4 Kidz brought everything with them that the students needed to make their items. This included a small tackle box full of the required Lego, and a book of directions. The students were given their task as shopper (the person who collects the items needed) or the builder (the person who places the items together). This proved to be a very successful way of learning with each other and taking turns.

Lego 4Over the course of 5 weeks, the students learned to work with a new partner, ask questions, share the role of shopper or builder, help when required or to sit and be patient to wait for their turn. The interpersonal skills improved over the course of time, and the deep thinking skills and creativity also increased with success.

The Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) were all covered during this program and the students were able to take the skills learned from their Lego session back to the classroom and apply their new knowledge. What a hugely successful program with Bricks 4 Kids and we at St James enjoyed the professionalism and organisation from the team. 

Lego 2